Adult Climbing Learn To Climb

Climbing is the most fun way to get fit in 2018

Indoor climbing gives your whole body a workout testing both body and mind.
Why not try climbing in one of our Taster Session or Learn everything you need to climb on your own in our Beginners Courses.

Taster Climbing Sessions

Taster Session

Looking for something new to have a go at? Then why not have a go at indoor rock climbing?
Taster sessions for all ages and abilities.

Learn to Climb - Beginners Course

Beginners Climbing

Learn everything you need to climb indoors. This is the best course around and will have you climbing in no time at all!

Climbing Session for the whole family

Family Climbing

What could be better than you all spending your Sunday morning doing something new and exciting together with your family? Indoor rock climbing is fun, exciting, challenging and most of all absolutely brilliant for all ages and abilities.

Outdoor climbing sessions

Outdoor Climbing

Get out on some real rock. All the set up and rope work is done for you so all you need to do is experiance some of the best rock in the world!