Climb Fit the most fun full body workout without the gym

Climb Fit - fitness through climbing

Climb Fit - Fitness through climbing

Fed up with the gym? why not be part of the latest Olympic sport? It's not just a sport it's a lifestyle. Rather than running on the spot for the next 12 months, plan an adventure, get fit and meet new likeminded people.

Climbing has been proven to give you a whole body work out no matter your ability, from beginner to professional climbing is great for your general fitness, agility, strength and even problem-solving skills

Who is climbing for?
Rock climbing is really accessible to anyone and everyone. There are routes on almost all walls that everyone has the ability to push themselves.
Even being afraid of heights isn't an issue, there is a type of climbing called bouldering that focuses on lower level climbing.

How to get into Climbing

Beginners Course

Learn everything you need to climb indoors. This is the best course around and will have you climbing in no time at all!
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Taster Session

Looking for something new to have a go at? Then why not have a go at indoor rock climbing?
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