About The Course

Once you have decided that you want to learn to climb then this is the course for you.

The Rope Race 4-week Beginners Course will teach you everything you need to be an indoor bottom rope climber and boulderer. You will be taught everything you need to know to be able to climb at The Rope Race safely and confidently. The minimum age is 18.

How It Works

The Beginners course consists of four, fully instructed, two-hour sessions with all the equipment provided.

  • In the first week, we cover the essentials, putting on your harness, attaching yourself to the rope with a figure of eight and stopper knots and basic belay skills.
  • In weeks two and three, the fundamental skills will be developed so you become proficient so you can look after yourself and keep another safe on the climbing wall.
  • The final week is the consolidation week where we will make sure that everything you've learned is polished. Your course leader will also be able to advise you on what you can do next and how to progress your climbing.

Throughout the course, your instructor will also help you with climbing technique so that your ability improves as well as your skills.
If you are considering buying any equipment please talk to your instructor and they will be able to advise on how to select the right equipment.

The Cost