About The Party

Extreme Birthday Parties

Looking for something different for your Birthday Party this year? Then look no further, Rope Race is the perfect indoor rock climbing venue for an action packed and exciting Birthday Party. Rope Race Birthday Parties are exciting, active and run by our friendly and experienced instructors who will make your party brilliant. Then everyone go home with the buzz of doing something amazing!
On arrival at Rope Race, you will be greeted by your personal party leader, your leader will make sure all your friends are signed in and ready to go. Then it`s off to the climbing wall or archery range. There is no need to worry if you or your friends haven`t been before, your party instructor will show you all what you need to know and everyone will have a fantastic time.
After the party, all your friends will receive a special Rope Race certificate to say they have been to your party. Why not combine both climbing & archery and have a two hour Birthday party. Family and friends can watch, cheer, take photos and wish they were climbing from our Fat Badger cafe or take a brew over to the archery range. We recommend that everyone arrives approximately 10 minutes before the start of the party.